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How Do I Care For My Car After Getting A Ceramic Coating?

So you’ve heard about ceramic coatings, right? They’re the buzz in car care, promising a shiny, protected car exterior. But here’s the catch: just because you’ve got a ceramic coating doesn’t mean your car’s maintenance days are over. If you want that shine to last and get the most out of your coating, you’ve got to look after it. So how do you care for ceramic coating after having it applied to your car?

In this article, from the expert team at Daylan’s Detailing in Sea Girt NJ, we’ll explore more about ceramic coating maintenance, why it’s so important and how you can ensure the longevity of your new ceramic coating.

What does ceramic coating do for your car?

Ceramic coating is more than just a buzzword in the car care world. At its core, it’s a liquid polymer that forms a bond with a car’s original paint, resulting in an added layer of protection. This isn’t just any protective layer; it brings a plethora of benefits. From safeguarding against harmful UV rays which can fade paint over time to providing a beautiful, reflective shine, ceramic coatings elevate the aesthetics and protection of any vehicle.

How Do I Care For My Car After Getting A Ceramic Coating - Ceramic coating service in Sea Girt NJ at Daylan's Detailing (2)

Does getting a ceramic coating mean you never need to wash your car?

Absolutely not! While ceramic coatings do protect your car from various contaminants, your car will still get dirty. The hydrophobic effect makes cleaning easier, but regular washing is still necessary. The difference is that dirt, grime, and other contaminants won’t bond to your car’s paint as easily, making the washing process more straightforward and less frequent than without the coating.

Why is taking care of your ceramic coating so important?

When you invest in a ceramic coating for your car, you’re not just adding a shiny layer; you’re infusing it with a protective barrier designed to keep it looking its best. However, like any protective measure, if you neglect it, its efficiency decreases. 

Imagine watching the hydrophobic effect, which once effortlessly repelled water, gradually losing its charm. Or witnessing the vibrant shine and gloss of your vehicle’s bodywork start to diminish. Beyond the aesthetics, the protective shield against contaminants also gets compromised. It’s essential to remember that even though ceramic coatings offer robust protection, they aren’t indestructible. Without proper care, they’ll degrade, leaving your prized vehicle vulnerable once more.

How to properly maintain your ceramic coated car

In order to protect your investment, it’s essential that you take proper care of your ceramic coating. Here are some ceramic coating maintenance tips:

Regular washing

It’s a misconception that ceramic-coated cars don’t require washing. They do, but the process is a tad different. When washing, it’s crucial to use a pH-neutral car shampoo to ensure the coating’s longevity. Coupled with a soft mitt, this helps retain the gloss and avoids any undue abrasion. Additionally, while the allure of an automatic car wash might be tempting, it’s better to stay clear. The abrasive brushes commonly found in these setups can compromise the ceramic coating, potentially leading to scratches or uneven wear.

Avoiding harsh chemicals

The chemical composition of your cleaning agents matters. Acidic or alkaline cleaning products can erode the ceramic coating over time, reducing its efficacy. By sticking to products specifically designed for ceramic coatings, you can ensure that your car remains protected and gleaming.


Once you’ve washed your car, the drying process is equally important. Using a soft microfiber towel is key. These towels are gentle on the surface, ensuring no micro-scratches form. Furthermore, they’re excellent at absorbing water, preventing water spots that can mar the appearance of your car.


No ceramic coating lasts forever. Depending on factors like the environment, the type, and the brand of the coating, you might need to consider reapplying it every few years. This ensures that your car remains protected and maintains that glossy sheen.

Top-up products

Just as you’d boost your skincare routine with serums, your ceramic coating car can benefit from top-up or “booster” products. Certain brands offer these enhancements to rejuvenate the coating, ensuring it continues to repel water, resist contaminants, and shine brilliantly.

Avoid wax or sealants

It might seem counterintuitive, but adding traditional waxes or sealants on top of a ceramic coating can do more harm than good. These can interfere with the coating’s hydrophobic properties, reducing its effectiveness. If you’re looking for that extra layer of protection or shine, consult with a professional about products compatible with ceramic coatings.

How Do I Care For My Car After Getting A Ceramic Coating - Ceramic coating service in Sea Girt NJ at Daylan's Detailing (3)

In summary, maintaining ceramic coatings on cars is essential to preserve their protective qualities and aesthetic shine. Neglect can lead to diminished water-repellent properties, reduced gloss, and weaker defense against contaminants. Though robust, these coatings aren’t indestructible and require regular care to ensure longevity and optimal performance. Proper maintenance, including using pH-neutral shampoos and avoiding harsh chemicals, keeps the coating effective and the car looking its best.

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